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What New Years Resolution Did You Already Give Up?

Stop using the F word all the time, quit that lmfao

Celery juice challenge…. only made it through 2 days

I gave up drinking at midnight on Nye but at 12:05 am on the first I was doing body shots of tequila on the girlfriend in front of her grandparents

Stop playing the lottery and it lasted about five days however I’m not playing as much as I used to

I resolved to not watch so much tv. I have already Watched all six seasons of breaking bad

Having motivation to take a one second video every day of the year… I did 3 days and the forgot

I wanted to start putting my pictures in a photo album never did it

To stop honking at other drivers

Made a resolution to do my physical therapy exercises. I made it three days

I told myself I’d be better with money. I’m more broke now than the holiday season…

Husband and I decided to have sex three times a week as our resolution. Haven’t even done it once this year

I made a resolution to stop taking SO many pictures of my dog. It lasted until later that day when she was looking so cute sleeping

My New Years resolution that I quit. I was going to replace my breakfast and lunch with a protein smoothie to lose weight before my wedding. By day 5 I threw out my blender and made my fiancé go get me an egg McMuffin.

New year’s resolution… Cut contact with the ex who takes me to the dark and sexy place mentally… At 2 am on January first, he texted… Saw him that night

I planned to run 2,019 miles in 2019. It’s too cold out. I gave up on the very 1st weekend.

I resolved to pick up my dogs poop when they go in my neighbors yard. I gave that up when we had all of that rain last weekend because it just turned to mush

My new year’s resolution was to resign my job and I’m about 2 hoursaway from  giving notice! So I QUIT my job! Does that count!

Winner: My resolution was to be more patient with people. It lasted 90 seconds when I started yelling at someone on TV

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