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What Makes You Strange

I’ve always wanted to find a body in the woods 

I collect skulls and bones 

I teach my husband math lessons in my sleep. I dream I’m teaching and sleep talk the lessons to him

I can’t stand gum, I won’t touch the packaging, I won’t touch the rappers, the smell grosses me out. It just all-around grosses me out. another worker in the office had gum in his cabinet and I had to have him put it in a Ziploc bag because the smell was making it so hard for me to be in the office 

I received 2 liver transplants from University of Chicago 16 months ago and I show my scar to everyone!!! Whether they want to see it or not. My husband just stands there red and shaking his head 

I will eat baked ham but can’t stand ham lunch meat. Won’t eat it

I poop with my cat on my lap 

I can tell when someone is pregnant or going to have a baby before they know

I make a weird clicking noise with my throat bc it itches and do this all the time

I laughed sporadically at odd moments because I’m thinking a funny movie quotes/scenes. Especially when I’m sitting by myself

I had back surgery a couple of years ago. After the surgery was complete the doctor came out and told my family that he has never seen anyone’s insides the way that mine are that my body is completely different from anybody else that he’s ever done surgery on. So now my family refers to me as an alien life form all the time! 

What makes me specifically strange is no matter how well i get along with a person if they’re a zodiac sign i don’t like.. i still won’t like them lol 

I am a big WWE Wrestling fan. When I talk to people about it they think that I’m crazy. I’ve even been to shows on Christmas and my husband and I started our honeymoon going to the Royal Rumble in Phoenix. And everyone judged us…

I can NOT wear boring/plain underwear or socks. I MUST have a character or design or else I’m miserable 

I walk my cat in a stroller. We walk around the neighborhood and to Starbucks. I can admit I’m a little weird for doing it!!

Everyone that knows me knows that I won’t drink shaken water. It tastes different!

My husband was very confused when he first met my extended family. there are about fifty of us and we all Pretend We’re from a royal family. We have fake crowns and sashes and titles. He kept saying but you’re really not right?

I plan to live in a van by myself and travel the country full time. I dumped my bf to do so 

I smell expired foods to make sure they are really expired. Typically they are and I end up gagging every time

I’m weird because I need to smell the inside of a cup before I use it

WINNER: I rub the inside of banana peels on my face 

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