What Is Your Weird Quirk?

I can’t sit in a warm chair that someone just sat in.

I like to skip rather than walk.

I have to match my underwear to my shirt.

I shave the entirety of my beard except my neckbeard.

I warm up my ice cream in the microwave so that it’s melted completely.

I can’t lay in an unmade bed wearing clothes that I wore outside. The bed has to be made or I have to get into my pajamas.

I Bark when I get the chills. And it happens randomly. We can be in a complete conversation and I could get randomly cold and then let out a dog bark.

I walk on the sides of my feet when I’m barefoot in the house because I HATE having stuff stick to them!

I eat goldfish crackers in pairs. Buddy system. No one ‘dies’ alone. Teddy grahams too…anything with a face.

I have to blow my nose every single night before I climb into bed wether or not it needs to be done. Basically, it’s a preemptive blow.

Weird quirk: I refuse to purchase the first item on the shelf at the store… Must be the second item!

I like to stuff turkeys I cook with pizza instead of traditional stuffing. Usually Hawaiian.

I don’t like to be “treated”. I like to pay my own way.

I always hold me left hand up behind the salt shaker when salting my food.

My weird quirk: I have to end a conversation on a positive note or interesting fact.

I don’t like anybody brushing their teeth in front of me. Oral-B commercials are torture for me. 

Every time I go to the bathroom I have to look in the shower to make sure there isn’t a murderer hiding in there.

I can only drink milk from a plastic cup cuz it tastes slimy from a glass!

I wear disposal plastic gloves to pump gas bc the pumps handles filled with germs. #Germaphobe.

Whenever I watch the White Sox I have to have the tv volume ar 33 because that’s what it was at when they won the world series in 2005.

My husband wore a hockey helmet while driving his pick-up truck to work everyday for two years. His commute was from Arlington Heights to the Loop and thought it would be safer. Had our son – who at the time was 8-9years old – wear one as well when he was in his truck. Crazy!! He’s finally out of the phase.

Winner: When I go swimming I start by holding my breath as long as I can under water to see if the lifeguard is paying attention. They never are.

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