What Is The Sexiest Thing A Guy Has Said To You

I can’t wait to power wash your insides.

I was told that I’m a decent human being with a great butt.

Honey, I cleaned the bathrooms today.

My husband told me that I was like bacon because I make everything better.

You Taste Like Champagne.

Can I buy you mozzarella sticks?

Those eyes could melt an iceberg.

Just relax and finish your wine… I’ll do the dishes.

I’ve never seen anybody eat a piece of pizza like you do.

Do you want to do face and foot masks tonight while watching “Coco”?”

Most sexy thing my husband of 31yrs ever told me was that his parents who lived 2 doors down most of our marriage were moving more than 4 hours away, Inever wanted him more than at that moment!

Let’s go to Target right now.

Not fifty shades of grey ….it 40 shades of Tommy.

Hey Baby, why don’t you take off those Uggs so we can do it.

Wow you look awesome naked!

Winner: I brought home tacos.







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