What Have You Stolen From Work?


A forklift

I stole Teriyaki sauce, couldn’t find it anywhere after I finished it to replace it

Individual packets of bio freeze

Brand new 4×6 logo mat of the Chicago sky line

I took 2 antique chairs from the attic of work. They are in my living room!

I stole a 35mm film splicer

I took lab-quality acetone to soak off my fake nails and save money

K Pods!!!! Girl needs her coffee before she even gets to work.

Locked myself out of my apartment so I stole a ladder from work to break into the second floor of my apartment

Olive Garden breadsticks

I “borrowed” a giant 5 lb economy sized bag of bacon bits from work. Can you blame me? Bacon is delicious

When I worked at Chuck E. Cheese’s, I took the game tokens and used them in tollbooths. I am such a criminal. In my defense, my manager told me to do it.

Office Water cooler. I work at a lawyers office and there was one in a conference room no one used. Everyone is still wondering today where it disappeared to!

I rescued a Le Creuset Dutch oven

During my high school years I worked at the local subway and stole a box of 100 uncooked frozen bread loafs along with the pan and molds to cook them. We hadfootlongs for lunch for a long time.

Winner: Interesting work borrow… Liquid nitrogen to burn off my wart.

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