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What Have You Done At Work That No One Knows About?

I switched around everyone’s desks. To this day they don’t know it was me

I watched 4 seasons of hawaii 5-0 on my iphone

I’ve been scheduling meetings with myself so my schedule looks busy and so no one can schedule meetings with me

I purposely broke the refrigerator so we’d get one with an ice machine

I cooked chili in a crock pot in the ladies bathroom

My boss and I were big new kids on the block fans and did an entire photo shoot in an empty classroom at the college where we worked dressed in 80s and new kids apparel to submit for a new kids contest.

Had a party in the outdoor jacuzzi at lifetime fitness after the patio closed with jello shots and a mini keg

So at work we all have duel monitors. So on one monitor I work on the other one I watch golf and listen to music

Had ice cream balls in the freezer, someone kept eating them so the next time I brought them in I spit on them so the culprit could enjoy…..they endedup eating them and I never brought them in again

Omg… i worked at a church… i photocopied my bum… then sent it out as Halloween party invites…

 I don’t drink coffee, so for about 10 years I took hot chocolate packages home from the kitchen and gave them away instead of Halloween candy

Fed coworkers dog biscuits. Was leaving a job where I couldn’t stand coworkers and it was the holiday time 

Something I did at work that nobody knows about…I used the office printers to print the address (and return address) labels for my wedding announcement

Ran an underground gambling ring at a major law firm at the city. Most days I spent just taking bets, I hardly ever did my actual job. It was awesome

 I won a massage package and had the masseuse come to my office and setup in an unused conference room

Winner: I actually did a trip around the world, yes, 24,000 miles plus, andthe whole time I was working from “home”. Did it in a span of a week. Answering emails and taking calls the whole time

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