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What Happened To You In Vegas?

Lance Bass cried on my shoulder

I saw a pregnant nun with her boobs out 

I got yelled at by a wizard 

I had to carry my drunk wife from tao nightclub back to the hotel and I almost fist fight with one of the hotel security guys who was checking hotel keys to access the hotel rooms cause he thought that I was carrying her Against her own will cause she was screaming to comeback to the club to keep drinking and dancing 

Our first night in Vegas, my husband wanted to surprise me with a romantic bath, but had gotten water on the marble floor, so I came into the bathroom, slipped, and broke my arm! 

In Vegas My husband got so drunk one night, came back to our hotel room and passed out. Woke up to use the bathroom, All of a sudden I hear what sounds l ike water dripping on the floor. My husband ending up missing the toilet and peed all over my open suitcase. The next sat we had to search out the nearest laundromat to clean all of my clothes

My husband and I were playing the game “hooker, not a hooker? And I picked someone as a hooker who was very offended, and I got in a fight with her. Then I learned it wasn’t even a “her”. Oops!! 

The one time I went to Vegas I ended up getting so drunk I thought I suddenly became fluent in German and Russian. In reality, four years prior I was in high school and a C- student in Spanish 

I left my husband as he wandered into the Excalibur’s parking garage after he drunk dialed his mom while ordering a 50 piece McNugget 

After a dinner of martinis and went to Thunder from Down Under – met a bunch of guys and ended up hooking up with a guy with a giant Jesus tattoo on his chest 

Had to be wheeled out of the hotel in a wheelchair and then wheeled back in my hotel…my coworkers had to hide me from our CEO because he was getting in to the elevators that we were trying to use 17736100454

In downtown Las Vegas the zip line down Fremont Street while I was walking with my bachelor party someone threw up on my best man 

Went to court for a hit & run accident in Vegas & the judge asked if I was a “professional” aka hooker 

I got 3 Comps for Rounds of drinks. Since they didn’t specify for how many people, I told the bartender for the whole bar. Needless to say I don’t get any more comps. Lol 

I found $300 under the bible in my hotel room at Caesars Palace. My room mate said I had the center dresser to put my clothes in and when I went to open it to put my stuff in, the bible slid to the side and there was 3 crisp $100 bills 

We partied with Rob Gronkowski Isand didn’t even know who he was

Got a lap dance at Cheetahs from a hot chick while 5 1/2 months pregnant

Got caught and yelled at trying to check in under my step moms name to save money with her points, was embarrassing and uncomfortable 

WINNER: I pooped myself hung over in the desert had to wipe with my bra. Left it there for the coyotes

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