What Do You & Your Significant Other Do Behind Closed Doors?

My husband let’s me pick the dead skin off the bottom of his feet. I love it!!!

We like to only talk in different accents.

Eat dinner naked and end in a food fight.

We talk to each other through our stuffed animals and give them all voices and names.

My boyfriend and I play strip laser tag and strip air hockey.

Take a deuce with the door open while eating peanuts.

Dance passionately to Taylor Swift.

My wife and I have seances trying to communicate with our deceased relatives.

I put Nair on my husbands back to take off his back hair. It was his idea since he looks like a gorilla.

My boyfriend and I speak whale talk (like in finding NEMO) and make ugly faces until the other looks up….all the time.

We stomach pump each other when we’re both gassy to help each other fart.

Me and my hot Asian girlfriend practice our pole dancing / fitness for each other and Disney songs tend to make the playlist, more specifically the song from Mulan “I’ll make a man out of you” … For her liking, more so than mine. We also step on each other naked (think massage like).

My fiancé and I will do clay mask facials and coconut oil our hair. My head, his beard. He’d die if I told anyone, or anyone came over. We shut all the curtains and fan out faces dry.

Pick the lint out of my husband’s belly button behind closed doors.

Behind closed doors we google and run background checks on our neighbors and get excited if we find some juicy criminal past on any of them.

Winner: We’ll randomly talk like Scooby-Doo.

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