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What Do You Regret Doing At The Holiday Party?

I tried to teach the SVP of Finance how to do a line dance

Mooned the entire party

So I got into a fight with a random guy at the bar after our holiday party with my coworkers. He exposed himself and I threw him on the ground all while wearing my Christmas suit. Similar to whips last night 

Got drunk and pretended I didn’t speak English so I wouldn’t have to socialize with unknown coworkers

Hired a Christmas Carolers group that were sorry to say, so horrible for our Holiday Employee party; I wanted to hide as I started to see people leave and begin to laugh at them

Regretting almost getting my manager fired after convincing her (in my best drunken voice) “hell yeah, you should get up on the bar and dance!” She was a SVP!

After having been a little over served, I sat at a table full of fire fighters and lieutenants lieutenants and told them the new, young guy that decided to grow a mustache is an idiot because it looks horrible and who wears a mustache now a days? As I looked around the table, six of the eight men sitting there had a mustache and not a smile for me. Wish I would have noticed that 10 seconds earlier

At my first holiday party at my current job, I had been with the company for just over 3 weeks and I was talking to one of our owners and I spilled my hot spiked cider all over her. While i was trying to help clean up my spill, i had a small water bottle in my other hand and i proceeded to pour water all over myself while trying to wipe up my original spill. I was mortified

I ate a MilkyWay with my Assistant Manger “Lady and the Tramp” style and then proceeded to sing Christmas carols in French…i was blasted!

Office Party Regret: Having a fight w/ my boyfriend The boss’s wife said I need to grow up I yelled across the room, “you’re so uptight you need to get laid.” Not one of my best moments

I told my boss that she would look great in one of those Rudolph sweaters. You know, the one with the hole cut out for the boob. I am still mortified

My turn to shine! I was an office manager at my previous job in charge of the summer July 4th holiday picnic. It was held at a suburban forest preserve that did not allow alcohol. My office managers brain thought…we can sneak it in the watermelon. Proceeded to infuse the 3 or 4 watermelons with a gallon of vodka…few hours later and I’m dancing suggestively on a picnic table sans shirt. Wearing a grandma bra. I remember nothing

Winner: My thong got stuck on the bar back’s bottle opener in his front pocket. My bosses’s wife saw the whole thing



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