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What Are You & Your Partner Complaining About?


He takes too long to poop!

We can never agree what to watch on Netflix! So we usually end up watching 2 shows in 2 separate rooms!

Always calling me weird made up names like cheeksen, short legs, gobble and then, or cheeks and bags. None of it makes any sense.

Nine times out of 10 my boyfriend steals my towels that I use to shower even after I give him his own. I also fold my shirts a certain way so they can all fit nicely in the drawer and after various explanations my boyfriend still folds them every way but my way 

My complaint is he falls asleep every time we watch a movie. He keeps nodding in and out of sleep

My biggest complaint is my husband always leaves the toilet paper roll empty

Doesn’t brush teeth before bed

When I see that she took a full body pic, who took the picture?

He smokes too much weed

He doesn’t text Enough

WINNER: My strange relationship complaint is that my husband lost around 75 lb this year but still wants to wear his old shirts and anything I buy him in his size he says it’s too tight. But 75 lb to go wearing tight shirts and having his gut bust out of the bottom of them was okay


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