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What Are You Thankful For?

Full-day Kindergarten

My eyelash extensions

I’m thankful for The Bachelor/Bachelorette. For years, they’ve given me something to look forward to on an otherwise dreadful Mondays.

I’m thankful that Mariano’s has a bar.

I am thankful for dry shampoo and a messy bun and to top it off a McDonald’s large Dr Pepper

I’m thankful for big coats and sweatshirts so I don’t have to wear a bra. (In the winter)

Flushable wipes!

My fake ID

I’m thankful for gluten free pop tarts

I’m thankful for my birth control

I’m thankful for Wendy’s

Thankful for my heated steering wheel

I am thankful for the giant box of baking soda I have because I spilled a bunch of body oil and it helped me clean it up easy

I’m thankful for the grocery store guy who tracked down all the produce and herbs I need to make my thanksgiving dinner.

Thankful for the Diamond lounge free buffet at harrahs because I don’t have to cook dinner!!

Full coverage foundation

I’m thankful my three month old is barely sleeping because it gives me an excuse to miss work

I’m thankful for Vicodin. (Got my wisdom teeth out of Friday, as an adult)

I’m thankful for having a nice butt. My jeans always look great. I just don’t admit it

I am thankful for My great Triple D boobs!

I’m thankful that my grandkids are not ugly.

I’m thankful that women wear yoga pants everywhere

I’m thankful for the lock on the bathroom door so I can enjoy my iced coffee in peace

My kid’s iPad

I’m thankful for my new job with my new office which allows me to fart as I please.

The lady that returned my wallet I lost in wrigleyville #wrigleywasted

I’m thankful for POOPOURRI. Toilet bowl spray.. keeps the smell in the bowl

Winner: I’m thankful that my grandkids are not ugly.

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