What Are You Doing That Drives Your Co-Workers Nuts?

Steal all the pens!

I constantly bitch about the weather.

I sing and dance and am happy on a Monday.

Only buy coffee for myself.

Knuckle cracking.

Tap my nails on touch screen register.

I like to chime in on their conversations I yell from a distance….. I am a stylist btw lol I can see I annoy clients and my Coworkers!

I’m a happy morning person. I love wishing everyone ” Happy Monday ” at the start of work on Mondays. I never get a reply.

I schedule a pre-meeting to talk about scheduling the real meeting.

When coworkers tell me stories about their home lives or really anything that doesn’t pertain to my job, I ignore them or just walk away. I’m too busy to care.

Two things: Having my essential oil diffuser run all day. Coming in 20 minutes after them and leaving the same time as them.

I’m an obsessed flosser that leaves my strings all over desks .. 

I point out what people do wrong. After I fixed it for them. It aggravates people so much.

I over share and make a short story long. I usually, in detail, tell those sitting around me about my whole weekend or evening, everything!! I can’thelp it. Just want evenyone to know everything about me! Everything…….

When one of my coworkers has car trouble, I ask them to pop the hood and I pretend to try and fix it. I’ve never fixed anything mechanical in my life! 

Winner: I steal other people’s chicken sandwiches outta the fridge.

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