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Weird Fantasy

She wanted to sleep with my best friend

He wanted me to dress up as and role play a nun

He wanted me to fart on him, and told me “the smellier the better” 

I had a woman I dated tell me her fantasy was to re-enactment scary horror movie scenes during “sexy time”. Needless to say, we never went out again! 

He wanted to be covered in feathers… so he wrapped IT in feathers with a bow. I laughed. We broke up

He told me he wanted me to dress up in the Princess Leia bikini

If he could smell my dirty socks while pleasuring himself & then if I would pee on his chest

Weird fantasy: She wanted to have sex with Darth Vader, so what does one do but of course get a costume!

A friend of many years asked me if he could suck my toes sometime when he randomly mentioned his foot fetish. I’m not into that and now we barely talk and I always wear socks when I’m around him 

A girlfriend wanted to role-play. She wanted me to be the secretary of defense and she would be in intern. She wanted to to threaten to push the “red” button that could start a war

My wife has a fantasy of sleeping with Lionel Richie. He is 30 years older than us! But he is her “hall pass” 

WINNER: She wanted to hook up on her parents bed and wanted me to wear her dad’s pajamas


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