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Unsexy Things

Change diapers!

Forget to shave

When his fingers smell like fish (he’s a fisherman) 

Mis-pronouncing words? 

Waking up with morning breath & farting

Dirt in nails 

From a breastfeeding mom: When my husband washes my “pump parts” 

Wiping my kids butt as he’s learning to potty train 

He sleeps in a flannel shirt 

When he sticks up / fights for me 

He drinks out of the side of his mouth 

Sweat on shirt after doing anything sweaty 

My friends boyfriend complains that she dresses the dog. However, when she is gone and the dog needs to be walked he does take the time to dress it up before the walk, knowing that’s what she would do 

When he picks music he knows you like when you’re hanging out 

When he lets me groom him ! 

Feeds bunnies in his backyard

Walks the tiny dog that’s dressed with bows in its hair 

Forgets to zip his fly 

Lack of coordination 

I think it’s sexy when I’m sick with a runny nose, haven’t showered and wearing a bathrobe and my husband still tells me he thinks I’m beautiful

When he stumbles while putting on his underwear 

When he forgets to wear underwear 

My wife thought it was sexy building her a birdhouse

My wife thinks my Excel skills are sexy 

Walking on crutches

He reminds me EVERY Tuesday that my garbage day is Wednesday


When we’re in the car and he puts his hand behind the passenger seat to back up. Especially when parallel parking

I think it is sexy when my husband is fixing something in the garage, getting all hot and sweaty, and starts swearing in Spanish!

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