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Under Pressure

One month out of paramedic school and having to deliver a baby in the front seat of a car

Awaiting my Illinois bar exam results in front of my entire family and friends while they’re filming

First time assisting in LASIK surgery 

I was four years old. Somehow my dad got me into the dolphin show at sea world. I was in charge of making the dolphins do tricks for the entire audience. At the age of four. Terrifying. I am now 30 and remember it vividly

I had to give a speech in front of a class of high school seniors while they constantly hurled fruit and rocks at me

Music Education Major here. I had give a senior recital at the age of 21 on a huge auditorium stage with other music majors taking notes and critiquing my performance

I was in the Chicago stage premiere of Calendar Girls and had to disrobe down to my “costume” – 3 strategically placed red carnations. front of a full house (425 ) every night for 10 shows 

I meet my inlaws for the first the alone, my now husband to stay at work late and to top it off no one knew he had invited a girlfriend and they had no Idea who i was

I played the starring role in a musical with only 2 days notice

Steered an aircraft carrier through the straits of Malacca through the night with little sleep

I was 16 as a camp counselor for boys ages 4, 5, 6. I lost one of my boys and looked for him for an hour at the park. It turns out he went potty and did not tell anyone

In jr. high I had a solo part in my 1st musical. We had a huge audience and when I saw how many people were watching I choked and blurted out in laughter. Hahah it was terrible. Luckily I had a good friend who brought me back to reality

I was chosen to play a half time game at a Schaumburg flyers game way back when. The game was a sumo race. In front of the entire stadium, and on the big screen, i rounded the corner running in this sumo suit and face planted. My legs went up above my head. I had to be helped up by 2 people. It’s also all on video

National championship division II softball game down 4-3. Bases loaded two outs my sophomore year with two seniors on base Count 3-2 and fouled two off next one pop up right field game over we loss 

Back in highschool only a few years ago I was in front of the entire auditorium chosen to dance in front of them out of all the classmates that works chosen I was the most scared because I knew I could not dance

10 year old me playing dodgeball in school 1v1 against my crush at the time everyone rooting for me and only had one option fast ball my crush intending on hitting her legs smacked her straight in the face let’s just say she wasn’t my valentine that year

I had to take 50 kindergartners on a park and petting zoo field trip 2 days after I broke my foot. I had to crutch all over the damn place cause I had them in 2 seperate groups. I was losing my shit. Especially when we lost a kid!

As a very shy high school freshman I had to perform a square dance on stilts in front of the whole school. I had never been on stilts in my life

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