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Uber Drivers, You Heard What?

My husbands an Uber driver and he told me about this woman who was extremely talkative to the point he couldn’t get a word in edgewise. All of a suddenshe got very quiet. Then she started looking all around the back seat. He asked her if everything was okay and said yeah, I just lost my teeth!

Picked up a guy from a bar early afternoon. I’m on my way home, got some ass waiting there for me.

Heard some lady mention that she could easily help bury any body if her friends needed because she’s a landscaper and already has shovels and tarp in her trunk

I heard a lot about how Public transportation was better than my ride

An older man who was trying to get a million dollar insurance policy

Well, I had the song “Love me now” from John legend playing in re radio. When I look back, the couple in my car were making out . They were in their late 20s

Boyfriend and girlfriend fighting because guy wouldn’t grind on her. Girl yells “I want to be disrespected!”

A lady was angry (as in, top of her lungs shouting) at her boyfriend because he didn’t “drop everything and come help” when her apartment smelled like gas, even though she did that for him when his nephew was kidnapped

I picked up a woman passenger on Monday evening downtown and she was on the phone calling one of her friends to letting her know she had just gotten up a date with some guy him and she kept on saying how his penis was so little and that he didn’t really have that much money but she was already in a relationship with someone else who had a big penis and who had money  

Taking them to A big beautiful home in Winnetka. Only one is 21 years old the rest are younger. One of them says “I hooked up with Joe last week.” Another one said “I hooked up with Joe yesterday.” A third one says “I hooked up with Joe and his girlfriend last week.” LUCKY JOE! 

In my Uber car, a male passenger was on the phone, swearing at his daughter because she just told him that she was pregnant, and the father was the guy’ s brother! Her uncle! 

The couple riding my car start arguing about people they meet at bar. When reach to destination, girl wants me to go with her in her apartment. Even though I am married 

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