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When I was a teenager I asked my mom about sex. Her answer was the human body is disgusting, don’t ever talk to me about it again!

My oldest son told me that the nanny of my best Friend was the bestsex he ever had

We taught my mom what the shocker is…..she thinks it’s so fun to bring up in conversation now

My 86-year-old mother and her fiancé were elated when his priest said they could live together not in sin if he didn’t penetrate her.That’s an image I’ll never get out of my head

Well, we we’re once talking about…who knows what, but eventually the topic ended up on “how do guys not sit on their balls?” And at some point gorillas having “external balls” was part of the conversation. So now, almost every time I see her, external gorilla balls might be mentioned, by her

I am a mother. My son who is 16 recently had a conversation with me about how he got Got in trouble at school for an inappropriate d— pick he sent out

My software of high school, I Decided to ask my mom when she and my dad had had sex last. I was fully expecting her to say that it had been years. Instead, she Took a moment to think about it and said “last Tuesday when you went to that sleepover”

I shared with my mom how men like minimal hair down there, and now she gets Brazilian waxes. I’m mortified when I look at her and my dad

My brother and mom had a very drunk conversation about how well endowed he is and the phone in his pocket recorded the entire thing

My 70 year old mother at the time told me she had gotten a yeast infection because she found out my dad had multiple affairs! YUCK

When my son was born I asked if we should circumcise him, I said because my husband isn’t. Oops too much info+17

I told my mom I didn’t want kids and she put me in her phone as “Barren One”

When I was in college, my mom decided to talk to me about having safe sex, and told me about when she caught an STD from a one night stand. I still feelgross thinking about it

WINNER: My mom told me that I was a result of tequila and my brother was a result of vodka

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