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Things Your Co Worker Does That Annoys You

Clip their fingernails at their desk! 

Too many smoke breaks 

Hi this is naya, Buying stuff on amazon while at work . I’m also her supervisor and she has no shame to do it in front of me 

Coworker picks his ear wax and wipes it all over his chair. When caught, he laughed and said he’s saving it for later

Talk about gluten NONSTOP!! 

Act like they don’t know what they’re doing so I have to do part of their job. Lol. Kills me

My coworker eats a yogurt every morning and proceeds to scrape every last drop out of the cup as if it’s the last meal she’s ever going to eat

I have been at my job 5 weeks now and my co worker butts into EVERY conversation I have trying to act like she knows it all

Humming off key Sounds like a mosquito in your ear

My coworker sings loudly and off key. She then sighs loudly after each song like she’s a finalist in American idol or something 

My coworker gives me a verbal rundown of everything she is doing. Like I’m going to call this person because I need to tell them whatever, I’m going to mail this, i’m going to the bathroom now

Try to prove that they are the busiest person out of everyone working instead of doing their actual work

Our 68 year old boss doesnt wear a bra….Ever!! 

One of my coworkers brings in her stencils and drawing pad to full on draw for 8 hours. We work at a software company. On Thursdays she will come in and actually have the nerves to say “oh man what a week”! Typing this makes my blood boil

She used to do fantasy football picks every Wednesday but would put it in a file folder that we used for patients so people thought she was working on a patient chart 

Slurping ramen noodles at his desk, while clipping his finger nails 

My coworker knits in middle of teaching kindergarten

My coworker paces around the office talking on the phone. Except he has his ear buds in but still holds the phone up to his mouth. And he is loud! We have an open work space so he’ll be pacing around right behind you

Hit ‘reply all’ with email responses when the response doesn’t pertain to ‘all’

Reheating salmon and Brussel sprouts in our office

Create gross body function memes and group DM them all day

Eats celery on conference calls but doesn’t mute 

The “Paper Licker” the co worker that has to lick their fingers to I f-ing hate it 

WINNER: She picks at her scalp and scabs on her face, then flicks them at her desk

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