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The Secret You Are Keeping From Your Significant Other

Stop smoking cigarettes but now a vape and she doesn’t know 

A surprise 30th birthday party 

I’m proposing to her today 

My biggest secret is I never told my mom that I had a girl friend for 2 years 

I wear my husbands socks and he hates when I wear them so I have to keep it a secret 

Our child is not his

I have an apartment my spouse doesn’t know about 

My husband knows I’m pregnant. What he doesn’t know is its twins! 

My boyfriend where is really old ugly looking T-shirts all the time, so sometimes when I do the laundry, I just throw them away one by one

Fantasized about my wife’s nieces

My girlfriend is leaving town for a month. I’m moving out while she’s gone

I quit my job 6 months ago to trade options. I’ve made over $600k. I was making 65k @ my previous job. Wife doesn’t know. Tax season is coming up 

My secret is that I own $10,000 on a lottery scratch off ticket the same day my divorce was finalized

Every time I tell her I’m working a double I’m actually out with my friends at the strip club

2 years ago i was late to my girlfriend’s mom’s wedding. I told her i was hanging out with the boys when in reality i was hooking up with an old friend

Lip injections…my husband thought my initial bruises were red wine stains.. Taking that to the grave

I keep telling my husband I’m going to need to start the Botox soon, as I furrow my brows and play with my forehead skin. Little does he know that the reason I still look so good is because I’ve been doing Botox for two years already! 

My husband’s grandfather offered me $10,000 to NOT marry him and to just go away right after we got engaged 

I have a VERY substantial secret stash of cash 

Told my significant other that someone at the store damaged my side mirror and car. And it was actually me backing out of the garage too quick and side swiped the entire side of the car. 18153428090

Money was tight for him ( not for me) I wanted a bigger diamond so I went to the jewelry store and got a gift certificate, had the jewelry store mail it to me and I told him I won the gift certificate in a contest I entered! 

I told my wife I had to go out of town for a work trip but it was really just to go on a weekend trip with my buddies 

Biggest secret I’m keeping from my husband is that I don’t like one of his kids from his previous marriage. His second child is literally the anti Christ 

My now husband proposed in Paris in the summer of 2014. I found out in an email that was accidentally forwarded to me in February of that year. The next 7 months pf our Europe trip planning and i had watch what i was saying! To this day he still doesn’t know I knew the whole time 

My secret is that I use to strip to help pay my way through medical school

I told my boyfriend I won a trip to chips dip and a Mexico trip when I really paid 18472543346

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