The Dare You Took

Ask out a professor

To throw up in a public pool 

I took a dare to eat a horsefly for $3 

I was dared to go to pharmacy school and now I’ve been a pharmacist for 11 years

Lick the poles top to bottom in the airport shuttle. All for twenty dollars

I got dared to lick an old dog bed and did it 

The dare I took was that my dad put ketchup, salt, sugar, mustard and other stuff and made me eat the ice cream. The worst part was that he bet me $100 dollarsand ive been waiting for 4 years lol

I drink a cup of Little Caesars buttery garlic dipping sauce for a free pizza. Just opened up, and did it like a shot

Take a car and drive across the frozen lake in Wisconsin and bar hop

In college, was dared to jump on a moving train. There was a group of us and I was the only one to do it

I was dared to do a naked wheelbarrow race through my apartment complex

Dare I took was to swim through a flooded corn field

My best friend in high school asked a complete stranger for a sexual favor to get a pack of nutter butters

Shaved 1/2 my beard and mustache , but right side of mustache and left side of beard and had to leave it that way till grew back for 50 bucks

My brother pooped off the roof of the house for a quarter when he was dared by my other brother and of course he did it

Back in college I took a dare at Providence Rhode Island airport to go through the luggage belt in the baggage claim and come out the other side

Took a dare from a friend when in 8th grade, to moon a guy I liked and I did it but the teacher saw as well. Yeah, detention was not fun

Dared to pick up cinder block that had just broke away from fire pit for a case of bud light. My hands sizzles like bacon

Cleaned out all ashtray gunk into a glass at a bar. Poured a little bit of beer into it to liquify it but not too much to dilute it. Got 100 bucks

I was at a house party in college and a group dared me to try and pull a newly planted tree out of the ground with my bare hands, I did it! I walked aro nd with an 8 foot sapling in my hands

Winner: My husband lost a bet and he had to get my heart-shaped sunglasses fit for his prescriptions for the summer he’s currently wearing them

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