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The Dare You Took

Paid off a bet by getting a haircut at my barbershop wearing an Eagles jersey and a pink thong

Performed madonnas like a version on a lunch table to win a slice of pizza

Dared my 10 YO nephew to ask Frank Thomas to dance Gangnam style. He did. There’s video

At cheer camp a group of us were dared to put icy hot on our private parts

Did it on a dare: drank pickle juice through my friends used sock off his foot

Did it on a dare: stripped down, jumped in a venice canal. Definitely filthy, definitely illegal

On a DARE… I ate a sheep’s ear! It was disgusting!

Pushed my buddy in a shopping cart into a 12 foot deep pool then had to get the shopping cart

Shaved half my beard and half my mustache on a dare and had to leave it that way until it fully grew back in

Created and sent my awful’s bosses resume to a competitor. It worked – she took the job!!

Did it on a dare. Tucked balloons under my blouse & was told to sing on me so horny on a busy street. That same day, offered a kiss to a random guy

I was dared to poop in a dog bed in an alley and was quickly stare down by a person who drove up in a car. The same car proceeded to chase me down said alley before I had a chance to wipe

Me and my friends had amazingseats for Luke Bryan this past summer… Close enough to where items could be tossed on stage… Needless to say I left without a bra that night. #IttyBittyTittieCommitee 

Talk dirty to brother in law cause my sister and I talk and soundalike we are married to brothers 

Road my bicycle through a taco bell drive through totally naked! Best friend dared me and said he would buy my food after! 

WINNER: Colleague dared me to run up and give Jerry Taft a hug from behind then continue running down the street when we saw him a couple years ago. I did it. Idon’t think it even fazed him. He didn’t resist or yell anything out

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