Tell Us A Story About Your Horrible Boss

The Principal I used to work for would save his previously chewed gum behind his ear (he had a shaved head) and talk to employees about their personal hygiene. He didn’t like the scent of my body lotion or another co-workers makeup. Really gross…

My boss is now rationing out toilet paper. One roll a day for over 15 women at the office at once.

Boss drunk dialed me to complain about his cheating wife, then threatened to fire me because he thought I’d tell everyone in the office.

My boss was the worst! I worked in the medical industry and needed a procedure to remove a 1.8 cm kidney stone and was given a hard time about taking even one day off for what he termed an “elective medical procedure”.

My boss leans over my shoulder to talk to me at my computer constantly…this is after his large black coffee and onion bagel he has everyday.

My boss is Danish and has not once brought in Danishes.

My boss eats in the dark.

Our principal was so bad she didn’t show up for parent’s night at our elementary school.

My boss is horrible. He expects me to know EVERYTHING. I am an office and he expects me to know everything about business. He is needy, whiny, hot-headed. He’s also my husband.

I work outside with a gps tracker… my boss followed me around and parked where she thought I couldn’t see her and watched with binoculars every single day. She’s been let go.

My boss was laughing while she was telling me I didn’t get a promotion. But instead I had to train the person who did get the promotion since she wasn’t comfortable with the software.

My boss rides his bike to work and dries his sweaty smelly clothes on a portable heater in his office, including his underwear. The whole office smells like a locker room.

My boss makes decisions before having all of the necessary information. To make matters worse her face is jacked.

My horrible boss is always stoned out of his mind and eats all the office snacks

My boss was drunk at my annual review and then didnt promote me because she said I need to work more on office professionalism.



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