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Strange Thing Your Friend Asked You To Do

My friend asked me to check out her hemorrhoid. I actually did haha

In high school one of my best friends asked me to help her out a tampon in for the first time. I helped her!

Buddy text me at five in the morning asking if I wanted to go for donuts…. In Canada. He was already outside my house waiting

My friend asked me to take her contact out of her eye when she was drunk because she couldn’t do it. I did it!

My friend asked me to flirt with her new bf (he hadn’t met me yet) to see if he was loyal. I  did. Not good

To check if she tore the stitches on her lady bits because she was dancing too hard at my wedding. I did not check, but a better friend did

My friend calls me on random nights all the time asking me to come over and host/video tape videos for game show auditions. Most recent was Sunday night at 11 pm for a family feud audition tape

An ex boyfriend would get blackheads on his ears and would ask me if I would squeeze them out for him! I don’t know why but I did!

Friend asked me to come to dentist with her for the drilling of her first cavity ever at 28 years old because she was scared. I obliged and the dentist thought we were nuts.

My friend, who lived 45 miles away asked if I could help him move a few things one day. No big deal I take the day off and head to his place. A PIANO ERIC, a piano. He needed me to help him move a piano. I’d never heard him play one or even knew he had one. I helped him move the damn thing out the door

My best friend asked me to come in and share my delivery story with the high school health class she teaches. #nothanks

My friend asked if she could “really” check out my boobs good. I got implants a few months before and she was thinking about it. And by “really good” she had me bend over my bathroom sink while she was under me a pushing them to see if there was rippling. Man I am a good friend. She got her own a few months later

I am the friend with the ridiculous request here. I do make up andI saw those post about painting pumpkin bars so I asked my friends if I could paint pumpkins on their butts for my make up portfolio and Instagram. They did. My instagram is SDKARTISTRY for proof I have great friends

Winner: My friend asked me to film her giving birth and make a birthing photo album for her. I can’t look at her the same way. Learned way too much

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