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Strange Thing That Happened After Your Breakup

She told me that she did not want a long term relationship. One month after we broke up. Found out she got married to her next boyfriend after 2 dates

My ex brought over his new girlfriend to Introduce us in hopes that we could all be friends

I’m a hairstylist and after my breakup, I received a card in the mail from his mom saying she was sorry to hear of our breakup but asking if I could still be her hairdresser

My ex boyfriend mailed back to me the T-shirt I bought him, it reeked of his cheap axe body spray and it had a note that said, now you can only sleep with my memory 

Husband got arrested from FBI for computer hacking the local University in Chicago!!! 

After my boyfriend and I broke up, HIS mother asked me to come over in order to give me the book “Why Men Love Bitches” to read

I broke up with my ex and a few months later started talking to him again, decided I wasn’t interested and ghosted him. He sent me this huge Christmas floral arrangement and had it delivered the night of my Christmas party. No one knew I had even talked to him again and everyone was asking me about it and who it was from- including the new guy I was talking to 

After my ex and I broke up, her dad called me to say, it was Now ok for him and I to star hanging out 

I had lingerie sent back to my house 2 days after a breakup with a note that said I thought you would want this back! 

I broke up with my ex, right after his best friends wedding and he was so upset they felt bad they paid for him to go with them on there honeymoon! They he called me collect 2 or 3 times a day for the next ten days! 

After I told my ex I wanted to brake up, there was an awkward 5 minute silence with just the tv going. By the 6th minute an Allstate commercial comes on and Dennis Haysbert says “breaking up is hard…” my ex says ain’t that the truth Allstate man and walks away

WINNER: So this didn’t happen right away, it happened a few months after my break up with my ex girlfriend. But I got a call from her mom at two in the morning and her mom was absolutely smashed and she was telling me how sad she was that we broke up, but she kept asking me if me and her could be “secret friends” 



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