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Strange Fantasies

I always think about what neon color my G wagon would be if I won the lottery. It’s really hard to pick 

Running away to be a bartender in key west

Winning the lottery and with the money I’d work my way to my lifelong dream of becoming and actress and also start a worldwide cleaning of the oceans

Fantasy: meeting the Eric Mix team and replacing Eric as the host 

Not talking to a single soul the whole week

I regularly fantasize about being best friends with Dave Grohl. Nothing sexual: he just attends bbqs at our house, gossips via text, etc

Getting a hotel room for the night, ordering pizza, turning off my phone, watch a 90’s chick flick and getting a whole night of uninterrupted sleep

Weird fantasy: What it would be like to be pregnant with triplets

I sometimes think about someone wronging me or my family. And then i fantasize about intricate revenge plans to get back at them

Getting cradled to sleep by a giant 

I fantasize about being on the Eric in the morning show. Because I’m fun

I fantasize doing it with a zombie in a haunted house! I think it would be freakishly amazing! 

I fantasize about smashing out all the windows on the car of people who double park 

I fantasize about making a robot that looks like me similar to the ones on Westworld. That way the robot can work and I can do what ever I want

I love to organize and purge. Since I was a kid I’ve fantasized about people I lived with dying. Not wanting them dead but just how I’d organize and purge their stuff

I often fantasize about how it easy it would be if women could stand and pee like men whenever there is a port o potty near 

Sometimes when I’m just talking to somebody I wonder what it would be like just to haul off and punch them square in the face. It has nothing to do with anger

I often fantasize about having longer toes and the shoes I could wear 

WINNER: I fantasize about having entrance music when I walk into work 

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