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Strange Demand At A Wedding

The bride asked us all to cut our hair short so she could be the one with long hair for that day 

Bride gave us all matching underwear…well intended, but super weird 

My sister in law asked my Dad to get a spray tan for the wedding

At my sister-in-law’s wedding and she said we weren’t allowed to take our shoes off at the reception no matter how bad our feet hurt 

Everyone in the wedding and going to the wedding must wear beige 

And a friend of mine told us (bridesmaids) that we couldn’t wear our wedding rings or bands because they weren’t the same design (umm, clearly!) 

The bride asked me to be her “something purple” and I had to wear a lilac purple bridesmaid dress with zebra print lining. And yes, I have the pictures to prove it

The bride did not like my flat butt and how it looked in my bridesmaid dress. She asked me to wear fake butt “implants” and said I needed to pay for them

My friend had a harry potter themed wedding. We had $300 custom hooded cloaks in our house color in edition to our bridesmaid dress 

I was in a wedding. The bride was Asian. In some Asian cultures the paler your skin is the more well-off you are. So the bride request ed all of her Asian bridesmaids avoid the sun months leading up to the wedding 

The bride told us that her father was going to buy us all the same dress to wear at the bridal shower. Then we were told that we would be wearing 2 dresses for the wedding day: one for the ceremony and one for the reception! 

WINNER: We had to wear the bridesmaid dress that we made the bride wear for our weddings. She kept all the dresses she wore in our wedding and handed them out to us at the bridal shower

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