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Someone Shared Your Secret

My future cousin in law who I was friends with told me all the details of my SURPRISE wedding shower. Why, idk…So I had to act surprised. Although I totally knew

My mother told my son’s father that I named our child after my ex-boyfriend

Being tagged in a Facebook post by my sister saying I’m so proud of my brother for embracing his homosexuality and obtaining a boyfriend 

My brother announced the birth of my baby girl on Facebook before I could tell anyone. I was so mad 

When I was pregnant, another teacher told my class before i did. I had a whole fun activity planned to tell them, she blew it!!! 

For my 21st birthday I got a tattoo in a seemingly hidden spot, as I was trying to hid it from my parents who hate tattoos. Since my family doesn’t follow me on social media, I thought it was safe to post a photo. Little did I know that a “friend” I went to high school with thought this would be great dinner conversation with her family. Well, her dad works with MY dad, and brought it up to him by saying “oh, so Haleigh got a tattoo?!” I came home to my mom point blank asking if I had gotten one, to which I sheepishly answered “maybe” and then proceeded to have to show her and get a lecture from both her and my dad! Still to this day, I wonder why that was dinner conversation!

My little sister announced me starting my period to the whole high school pep rally by waving a pad and saying, you forgot this at home!! 

We had a gender reveal party for my twins, my brother in law knew the sex to set up the surprise cake. He had his friends gf make the cake who then told her best friend who then told a friend and so on then eventually got to Facebook people congratulating us on our twin boys the morning before the party 

I let it slip at a family dinner that my brother in law wasn’t out of town at work but serving a 60 day sentence for driving without a license. His kids were shocked 

My mom had a public Facebook conversation, on someones wall, about how I was failing college

I came home from my first semester of college and decided to go outside to smoke a little “somethin somethin” with my friends and when I came back inside I obviously wanted a snack and while I was in the kitchen and my brother came up to me and loudly asked “why do you smell like THAT?” And suddenly the whole house was staring at me 

My old boss spilled the beans I was pregnant to the whole company by email when I was only 6 weeks, it was not her news to tell and I didnt get along with my boss either…ugh I was so mad! You don’t tell people until your in your 2nd trimester but she didn’t care, she is also a mom so she should have known better 

WINNER: When I was younger my mom took me bra shopping an announced to the whole staff that my boobs were uneven so we needed help getting a padded bra… #mortified 

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