Someone Asked You To Do What?

Coworker asked me to cut a chunk of her hair out from the roots because she wanted to get DNA testing.

A complete stranger asked me to make out in the frame isle at a home goods.

A good friend in college once asked me to lend him $120 for freeze dried urine so he could pass a drug test.

I am a nurse and someone once asked me to put her nipple rings back in when she came back from X-ray.

My neighbor who I did not know asked me to borrow a bath towel for her shower.

Someone once asked me to be the stripper at their party when I responded as a police officer to the apartment for a noise complaint.

A coworker asked me to loan her $20,000.

We used to ask our pizza delivery guy to drive us to the bars in college in the winter months.

A friend of mine who cannot get his wife pregnant asked me if I would do it.

Someone asked me to try on a dress at store Bc I looked same size as their daughter.

My neighbor asked me to roll on his waterbed to get the bubbles out!!

I stopped to help a couple with a flat tire and they asked me to film them in their back seat. It was a much older couple. In their 60’s!!!.

A lady inside a Jewel Osco asked me to fix her bra for her because it was falling off.

On a second date, a guy once asked me for my socks. He wanted to wear them himself. #freaky #igotmorethancoldfeet

My ex husband asked me to help him with his divorce from his 2nd ex wife!

Someone once asked me to photoshop out a dogs privates out of a picture.

Someone once asked me to sleep in her house because she thought it was demon-infested and the demons would possess me before they would possess her.

Help them get disability benefits after they get home from work.

I was a paper boy when one of my customers asked me to go in their attic to chase raccoon out of it. They said I was skinny enough to fit thru tight places.

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