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Shameful Secret!

I sent x rated pictures to my mother in law and she liked them

My most shameful secret is when I was dating a guy whose parents were in charge of keeping the church clean we did the deed in the minister’s room where he gets dressed

I purposely got pregnant at 16 so I could get away from my controlling mother

My neighbors dog barks all night long I went in the middle of the night took a chain off and open the gate to let it run away they still can’t find it 

Ugh….I was having a 3 month affair with a married man and who also was my BIL best friend. He never left his wife but ended up leaving me for his ex fiancé from 25 years ago AND WHO HAPPENS TO BE MY BIL COUSIN!!!!! It’s taking everything in me to not tell His wife!!!! His now mistress knows all about me!!! Not too mention she also used to be my best friend!!!! 

My 6 month old is not my husband’s baby (married for over a decade) my husband knows but no one else does 

My ex showed up and tried proposing to me when I started dating my new boyfriend and my new boyfriend has no idea that ever happened 

I never told my best friend that I hooked up with her boyfriend (9 years ago) right after they hung out 

I have over $20,000 in gambling debt that no one knows about 

I was so shameful that I stole a Columbia jacket from Kohl’s in college, I donated it to Goodwill three days later

Was injured at work and in order to keep my job I slept with my boss

My shameful secret is that I signed up to be a foster mom for a puppy thinking it would be fun and sweet. It’s only day 4. I haven’t slept. I keep bursting into tears. My schedule is ruined. And I just want somebody to adopt the damn dog already

I have had this secret for 20ish years, I got mad at dad and peed in all the drinks in his refrigerator. He lived alone so I knew he would be the only one to drink them. So ashamed

Shameful secret- I’m sleeping with two different women at work. They dont like each other so there’s minimal chance of them interacting and discussing this

All my coworkers think that i’ve been getting the best projects because i’m doing a great job. I actually have been doing my boss for the last 3 years

I made a fake yelp account and wrote bad reviews about my co-workers so they would get less business and I would get more

I wrote an anonymous note to a coworker telling her that the reason we never ate her baked goods from home was because we knew she did not wash her hands after her smoke and bathroom breaks. She left the office in tears

My wife is a vegetarian For over 20 yrs. I’ve been putting bacon in the spaghetti sauce

WINNER: The box my family believes has our dog’s cremated ashes is really BBQ grill ash…it would have been really expensive to actually cremate the little guy 

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