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Random Shower Thoughts!

Playing guitar in the rain at an outdoor festival with 50k in attendance

Shower thought: How much water I am wasting and what can I do about it

Why does bread lose its identity when it becomes toasted now it’s just toast

A car is just a moving room with a couch and two recliners. Sometimes even with a tv

Why do they call it kidnapping? They’re not napping. And it’s not just kids who are taken

Why do they call them apartments if they’re built together

Expensive paintings are just trading cards for the rich

Maybe I died and don’t know it and I am existing as a ghost in a alternative reality 

Do other people sit in the shower… it wrong to sit on the shower …. I like it

My random shower thought this morning was – I wonder whatever happened to that Michael Buble friend of Melissa’s. Did she get her money back for the tickets and dinner?

Why are our feet cold? But our noses run?

Random Shower Thought: Why do I need to go to work when I could work for Uber or Door Dash?

How does my wife’s and daughters hair manage to get on the ceiling of the shower and what are there brown an red spots all over the walls. What do they do inhere?!?!

If it rains today will the cute suede shoes I have on get ruined

Are the penguins that were in March of the Penguins still alive? If so, did any of them in the Penguins movie? And would we even know if they’re the same penguins? 

WINNER: When I’m scooping my 2 cats’ litter box and they’re watching, do they wonder why I’m stealing their poop and where I’m taking it??

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