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Quirks Your Learned From Moving In

Kept their clipped toenails in a jar on their nightstand 

His toothpick obsession!! 

They gagged every time they brushed their teeth 

I had no idea that she experienced night terrors, including leaping out of bed, pointing to the foot of the bed and saying he has a gun

He keeps a pee jug next to his side of bed so he doesn’t have to get up and walk to bathroom at night

He still stopped at his moms house every day on his way to work and pick up a lunch

When she rolls over in bed she tends to give me a roundhouse punch in the head

He will not sleep with the windows open because he thinks someone will climb in through the window and kill us in our sleep 

He had a newspaper article from his high school baseball days hanging on the refrigerator and used to read it out loud every morning

Obviously I moved out. She would sleep naked which was fine but she would gather her teddy bears and stuffed animals all around her 

My roommate actually used bleach to clean a carpet stain 

My SO has an obsession with buying toilet paper. If we fall below 400 rolls On hand he freaks out. Every closet, shelf, and hiding spot I have is full of toilet paper 

When he walked out the bathroom with his boxers in a plastic bag… 

He had NO common sense. He would bag up the garbage and put out in the pantry. He also didn’t know how to work a washing machine or to cook 

When he moved in, I learned that he cuts the dead skin off of his feet with a knife

That he would buy hot sauce by the gallon and would eat make himself a snack every day of plain pasta and hot sauce

His obsession with socks…when we moved in and we’re packing him up, he literally had a room of socks. To this day, 13 years later, he gets very weird about socks 

He never put his gym shorts away. Just hung them on handle bars all around the house 

WINNER: He takes his morning poop and always asks me to bring him a Red Bull and his phone in the bathroom…. gross

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