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Problems I’m Dealing With!

I accidentally gave my Daughters School property lap top to Goodwill.. I NEED TO GET IT BACK

Chicago rats chewed through my car wires….. For the second time

My puppy brought all her toys outside and now she has nothing to play with because they are now all frozen to the ground. Now she’s chewing my shoes!

Eriks worst nightmare is our current situation!!’ Our sump pump and the back up pump have alarms going off ! Sump pump pit full and floor drains about 8 inches from overflowing into our newly finished basement!!!! 

My problem is that I caught two squirrels doing it on my air conditioner this morning

My inlaws have bed bugs at their home and want to stay with us until they are gone I don’t want their bed bugs

You think you’ve got problems? Citibank transferred $3k from my credit card to someone without my consent and won’t give it back

I have 12 adults and 13 kids ( ages 4-13) staying with me this week

My husband has decided that he doesn’t want to drive an hour 1/2 to work anymore so his solution is to move our family from Chicago to Texas

You think you got problems? I’m still cleaning up the aftermath of having hundreds of bees in my walls

I’ve been dealing with a dropping eyelid the past few days and people keep asking why I’m giving them “stink eye”

Hole in my cedar roof caused by pregnant raccoon

I have to send in my song choice for a pole dancing competition by Friday, and I have nothing. Competition is in a few weeks and I haven’t even started

My biggest problem right now I don’t believe anyone else is dealing with us that I need to deliver 10 red plush dragon keychains and don’t have any!

I drunkenly purchased 3 Elton John tickets last weekend totaling a little more than $2,000.00 which I absolutely cannot afford but it’s not like I can cancel the order

WINNER: I have an illegal chicken roaming the neighborhood. My village in the Northwest suburbs does not allow chickens, and we got busted for having them. Whentrying to get rid of them and take them to a family farm, one of them escaped and is roaming the neighborhood. I’m about to get busted for an illegal chicken…And now I’m out of eggs!

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