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Pre-Date, What Did You Find?

Found out the girl I met was in Maxim magazine because she dated a tennis star

I found out That he had been in federal prison for embezzling money through different businesses and I also found his wedding registry for his upcoming wedding in two months. I definitely did not go out with him

He was family (our grandmas were sisters) 

I found out in an article that the guy was a suspect in a suspicious death of his friend. It was ultimately ruled an accident 

I found out he had a felony record for carrying a trunk full of ammunition in his trunk and was arrested and booked. I saw the pictures and it was online in the news. I’m so glad I never got in his car. His mug shot was scary stuff

I found out that he was the vice president of a bank and falsified papers and lost his job Legal documents and court case All posted online

He claimed he was divorced a year and a very successful builder. I found out he was still married, peace bond against him by his wife and so broke he was living with his friend

My sister tried to cyberstalk my now husband. She told my parents he was a 24 year old with twin babies. I had to explain that he just had a lot of Facebook pics with his niece and nephew. It took me a few days to convince them! 

While cyber stalking a few guys I was chatting with online I decided to stalk myself to see what they’re able to see. I typed in my full name for one search and my phone number on another. I found out on three separate sites I’m listed as married. They had lots of other correct information such as extended family members, address, one even had listed my general income range within $10,000. I’ve never been married, not even engaged! 

WINNER: I found a profile photo of him with the band Hanson. I also love Hanson so I flipped out when I saw it!

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