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Phrases That Make You Want To Start A Fight

Do you want me to call my Dad and ask him how to do? 

I thought you were going to workout 

Are you for real? 

The word “wow”. Like you a new low wow 

How do you not know that??? 

Shouldn’t you throw away that old T-shirt ? 

It’s fine..I’ll do it…I Do everything anyway 

My husband says “not to be rude but” Always starts a fight and whatever he says is always rude! 

Just relax 

Whatever you want 

I tell her to MELLOW OUT 

That’s how your doing your hair?

What did you do all day? 

Where did all this water come from!? 

“Are you crabby?” 

“Okay but, I’m just saying…” 

Just so you know 

Who is txting you now? 

Your mom is a bitch

“Are there onions in this?” 

Are you drunk? 

I was just trying to help!

How much did that cost? 

“I didn’t know I was on dad duty now” 

oh okay I must be stupid the stupid one” 

“We are not in college anymore!” 

WINNER: What’s wrong with your face?

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