Naughty or Nice List?

Naughty because I left class this morning to grab McDonald’s breakfast. 

Naughty because my niece was cold and I put a dog sweatshirt on her. 

Nice because I started Whip and Melissa’s Apartment on Twitter.

Naughty because at night I often pretend I haven’t woken up to the baby’s cries so my husband will get up and settle him. I go right back to sleep!

Naughty because I’m done with stupid people. 

Nice because I saved my wife by donating a kidney to her.

Naughty…I gave a bill collector information on how to contact the person they are looking for.

Naughty- so much my daughter asked Santa for a nice mom…and tickets to Monday Night Raw. 

Nice because I do everyone’s Christmas shopping. I get all the gifts for everyone, including my own.

Nice. Brought home a dessert plate for my pregnant wife from Lake Park HS Christmas Party. 

Naughty because I accidentally broke my baby sisters nose.

Nice because I always pay for the cops order if they are behind me in the drive thru!

Nice- I snow blow the whole blocks side walk.

I am naughty, I would read erotic stories while at school and even work.

I’m on the naughty list because I actually used YOLO in a sentence last week as an adult.


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