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Name Chips, Dip and a Mexico Trip 2020!

Chips Dip and a Mexico trip “Muy Loco”

Sangria showers 

Chips, Dip, and a Mexico Trip, BITCH! 

How about Chips Dip and a Mexico Trip – La Gente Caliente! 

Get away from my guacamole

Chips dip and a Mexico trip… DIOS MIO!!! 

Ur mom 

Loco en la cabesa 

¡Las papas fritasssss! 

Chips, Dip and a Mexico Trip with a Sombrero Flip! 

Chips, dip, and a mexico trip…. huh? 


Play my song Bitch! 

Eric, toca mi cancion, bitch 

Take me with, bitch! 

Chips, Dip and a Mexico trip.:.. blame it on el jugooo!! 

Chips dip and a Mexico trip: chorizo con Lizzo 

Chips, dip, and a Mexico Trip: LIZZ-O ON THE BEACH-O! 

Chips dip and a Mexico trip THE GUAC IS EXTRA!!!!!! 

CDMT should be jugo de naranja (means orange juice… cuz Lizzo sings Juice….) 

With a flute… like Lizzo does 

El Ronconcito con El Mix!!! 

tacos pescados! (fish tacos) the fishnet talk triggered this 


Alguien ve mis zapatos Anyone see my shoes 

No me gusta eskimo 

Dip dat chip! 

Bitch how ya feeling? 

Picante Jalapeño!!!! 

Its Mexico, Bitch!! 

“a la Lizzo, bitch!” 

Holy Spicy Molé 

Lizzo just made me whizzo 

“bueno como el infierno” translates to Good as hell

Extra Guac, Bitch! (In your best Lizzo voice) 

Chips, dip and a Mexico Trip “Mexcellente”

No mames – Dont suck 12199166633

MIX’D up & Shaken! 17734803792

Goin to Mexico BITCH! 

Chip, Dips & a Mexico Trip “Traer Dinero de la Fianza!!” (Bring bail money!)

Donde esta el bano? 

Guac & Juice 

Dizzo with Lizzo 

Bebir con Lizzo (drinking with lizzo!) 

Lizzo Fo Shizzo or Lizzo in the Hizzo 

CDMT20 Put your meat in my taco 

Chips, Dip and a Mexico Trip…Delirio con Lizzo! (Translates to craziness, insanity, or madness with Lizzo) 

Chips dip and a Mexico trip: Hipopótamo!  

Frota mis pies Rub my feet 

1 2 3 to kill ya (instead of tequila) 


WINNER: There’s sand is my crack 

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