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My Poor Decision

Worst decision ever…deciding to shape/pluck my own eyebrows…did it when I was a young teen -and didn’t know better…years later still kicking myself because I have like 6 eyebrow hairs left 

Decided to join the convent knowing I was gay and did… some things. Definitely going to hell for that one 

Drove an hour and a half to the Aragon ballroom just to forget my id and not be able to go to my concert

The bad decision was to agree to go paint balling with my boss. My boss was unaware that I was very competitive and used to go paint bawling every weekend. Nevertheless, I shot him every time he went out on the field. And left several welts, bruises for him to remember me by…… ya. I passed up for several promotions, And no longer work there now

My poor decision Jumped off a high cliff into almost frozen Lake Superior. Permanent nerve damage. Need I say more? 

Decided to pawn a lot of things to try to get a new car ended up paying on my things for 2 years now trying to get them out 

Facebook influenced me to buy an angry cat 

Went to a costume party with my wife dressed as samantha from sex and the city

When I jumped off a cliff in Jamaica and panicked and landed butt first causing my backside to bruise from my knees to my deep purple butt cheeks 

After the first Fast and Furious movie came out, I thought it would be cool to pull the ebrake while going 80 mph. Ended up totaling my car

My poor decision was Drank a full shot of spontaneous combustion hot sauce for 50.00 at work. That 50.00 paid my copay at the Er. I was taken there by ambulance

Did not take advantage of a full ride 4 year scholarship to a state school…because of a girlfriend–talk about stupid & regret! 

I volunteered to bring the turkey for thanksgiving at the in-laws house. Unfortunately it was in Raleigh, NC. Once getting the bird through security, I realized just how bad it was as the turkey in a jewel bag in a backpack started dripping out of the overhead bin and on to me

My poor decision was attempting to drive an ATV for the first time after about 7 beers. I gently crashed into a tree and my left wrist still clicks because of it 

WINNER: I took the advice of a friend and went on a blind date. She took all my clothes and left. Oh had to drive home naked. The cop was laughing too hard to give me a ticket

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