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My Boss Is An Idiot

I once got in trouble for not telling my boss that I sent him an email

Paints her nails at her desk

She was giving me my yearly evaluation and said to me”I’m not even sure what you do”

When my boss’ boss asks him a question, He immediately looks at one of us for the answer, because he certainly knows we will know the correct answer. Lol

My old boss would write letters to customers and didn’t know the difference between their, there and they’re!

He uses so many buzzwords in an email you have no idea what he is talking about.

My boss’ face just looks dumb. Dumb haircut, sounds like daffy duck and looks like peppa pig. Hes never done the job he’s the boss of, thinks he understands it though 

He uses metaphors all the time but says them completely wrong! Example – nip it in the butt…not bud

They cook the payroll books but they don’t realize that everyone is on to them. Several of us have caught them short changing our paychecks but they pretend that it was an error

He doesn’t know how to copy and paste in a word document! Also does not know how to work Facebook posts

We are short staffed and an overly qualified person came in to interview for position. Boss didnt hire this person because “they had a long face”

My boss is an idiot because he’s basically like working for Michael Scott. He will walk around all day talking to us and then the last 20 minutes of the day realize all the stuff he needed to get done and didn’t because he wouldn’t shut up for hours 

I switched a couple letters around on my bosses keyboard and when he saw me laughing because he couldnt log in, he accused me of changing his password

There are 3 ppl that run our schools lunch program and I have worked their for 3 yrs and the principal still doesn’t know my name!

WINNER: My boss is so dumb that he doesn’t know the difference between me & my coworker. There are 2 of us that have the same job title and he calls us each other’s names all the time, forgets who he assigns what tasks and on my birthday card last week, he wrote her name on the card and one of my coworkers had to scratch it out & correct it








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