Most Awkward Person You Would Take To Mexico?

Well since my wife is pregnant she is out, so I would take her hot sister.

My boss – not on good terms due to issues at office – we r not speaking.

I would take my ex husband of 28 yrs.

I would bring a bridesmaid that I don’t talk to anymore.

My softball rival Sara. Woof.

I would bring my ex best friend who expressed feelings for me and wanted a three some between her her husband and I, awkward!

My bodybuilder boss lady. I never exercise.

My overbearing mother in law from Italy.

My boss that has been at work but has refused to talk to me the last 6 days.

Most uncomfortable couple – I was friends with this girl, Julie, last year. However our friendship ended after she sent me a text saying I was an attention-seeking tramp because I refused to take down a picture on Facebook of me and her boyfriend who is a good friend of mine. She now has ultimately lost  all of her friends in our circle as they sided with me.

I really want to go on this trip so…I’d be willing to take the person my girlfriend cheated on me with. Shes my next door neighbor. I’m a guy.

I will bring this guy I’ve been talking to on Facebook for months and am crazy about but never met.

I have 2 daughters and I would bring the oldest.

Take a Ukrainian girl I’ve never met, only talked to online…


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