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Men Like It When…?

Laugh at their bad jokes

Pop, Lock-it, Drop-it !

Men really like it when i Let them win…. at bowling or playing sports….

Men really like it when I can hold a political conversation without a bias

Give then a really cheesy pick up line. Something like, “if you were a triangle, you would be acute one.” They think it’s funny and charming

Laugh hard because it causes me to fart…

When I blow in his ear and nibble on his earlobe!

Men like it when I wear patterned tights. Think polka dots. I know. It’s weird

Talk about fantasy football. Been playing 7 years and am commissioner of my league!

Men like it when I shotgun a beer!

Show some cleavage it’s a moral booster

Men like it when I sound like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to cars. Like I know how to change a flat tire, etc.

Men really like it when I dance badly in the bars on purpose to make them look better when they try to dance

Tell them I was on the radio talking about a cat butthole. Yes this is Emily

Men like it when I Twerk

Walk into the room in 4 inch pumps my pencil skirt, white shirt and a bright smile. Every date starts off with a spark

Know my sports stats!!

Men like it when…I ask them to loosen my frosty pint glasses…. (I’m a bartender and frozen pint glasses constantly get stuck together!) I could eventually do it myself but the risk of broken glass cutting me is scary and I feel like it’s the whole “pickle jar” complex with men! They always look so satisfied with themselves!)

Insinuate that I watch porn

Winner: Already know what to order when the waitress comes

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