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Man Gossip

My friends boyfriend had a sex dream about me when I was pregnant

My friend is married and is having an affair with another man

Gossip about each other’s beards/facial hair

Every Wednesday a customer of mine comes into the bar and says not to say anything when him and his wife come back on the weekend he says he has a Wednesday night meeting every night every Wednesday

My father in-law was married before and his sons don’t know

My husband thought he was going to be fired for calling in too much so he gave his hours a way for a week because he said they couldn’t fire him if they couldn’t find him 

My fiancé and I are gossiping about his degenerate brother and the pending theft charges against him 

A man I work with came into the office with visible bugs on his body now everyone is gossiping about it

I worked with a guy a few years ago who would constantly tell me all the dirty secrets and drama about his family (a lot of whom I was also friends with) . He then tried to blame me when his family got mad at him for blabbing about their issues

I’m outing all the married men that flirt / hookup with my friend after showing us pictures of their children 

My cousin was drunk and did he streaked across the yard and was caught on the neighbors cameras and his wife doesn’t know

We have a CMO protected coworker (they’re BFFFFFs) who’s title says he knows things but in reality he’s doing his admin work (aka his beech). He likes to pretend to do work for like 2ish hours and then you can usually find him in a phone room catching up on Netflix for most of the rest of his day

WINNER: My husband and some of his friends all think there’s a teacher at our kids school that is HOT and they’re all trying to get their kids in her class next year

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