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I Was Asked This In My 30s

I told the butcher at the grocery store that I just got (re)married and he asked if I can still make babies

I had shared my news that I was expecting is and the secretary asked me if my pregnancy was intended

Wow, your 20’s must have been rough

My friend asked me if I was ever going to move out of my parents house?

My questioned asked! Was do you still have sex? 

I’m divorced with three kids. Saw someone from high school and she asked: Do they all have the same dad?

My kids asked me why I draw on those dark lines on my forehead everyday 

I’m 33 female. A 20something guy asked me at work “don’t you want to be married?” Nah bro lol 

“Is that your real hair color?”

I was picking up Chinese takeout and the lady behind the counter asked me if I’m going to find out the gender of my baby! UMMM IM NOT PREGNANT!!!!

A co-worker asked if I had someone I had sex with or did I just “take care of myself”

Would it be okay if we played sexual Truth or Dare? and we can’t say NO to anything! 

Are you tired? You look tired

WINNER: A few years ago, I think I was 34, I had a picture of my 2 yr old daughter on my desk and one of my customers said “Awwww is that your little grandbaby?” 

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