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I Get Hit On By….!

I’m a magnet for men missing teeth… young and old. Never fails.

All my friends husbands!!! 

My girlfriend’s parents 

I get hit on by divorced dads over 50 

Little kids & Dogs

My sons friends 

I get hit on by the old creepy dude who hangs out at the convenience store

My moms bowling teammates. I’m 39, they’re all mid 60’s. Always grabbing me at league

I get hit on by men with no teeth. I do particularly well at dive bars

I’m an x-ray tech at a busy hospital I get hit on by a 50 something-year-old fat drunk bald guys all the time 

I am always hit on by very very short men because I’m tall 

Working construction 2 elderly women stopped to hit on me one even saying save a horse ride a cowboy 

I get hit on by NOBODY!! 

I get hit on by 14-15 y/o boys… I’m almost 22 but look 17-18 

Creepy guy at Jewel asked me to pick out his lottery scratch offs

I get hit on by the old men at the gym. Probably in there 70-80’s with the short shorts low tank tops

My sons wrestling coach

I got hit on by a tsa agent that managed a strip club and offered me a job

I get hit on by middle aged men who still struggle to fit in acid washed jeans and Affliction T-shirt’s but at least the gold chain confirms they can afford my drink 

Ok I’m a straight female. I don’t know if it’s a vibe I put out or what, but I constantly get hit on by smoking hot women and they will ask mutual friends if I would ever consider switching teams

I get hit by men who are obviously into pregnant women. I’m 7 months pregnant now, and men ask for my # more than before

I was 36 weeks pregnant and I got hit on by a middle aged guy at target. He asked me all about my belly. Then proceeded to ask if he could rub it

WINNER: I get hit on by old creepy mechanics that come into my job. telling me they’re gonna go home and play with their “nuts” aka lug nuts

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