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I Didn’t Know

No idea Elton John sang Benny and the Jets. I thought Benny and the Jets were a band singing about themselves

I had no idea how much it cost to take the bus 

I never went into a dollar store until the past year when my friend brought me. I had no idea how many great things you can get for a buck! You can get to Hallmark cards for a dollar! 

My husbamds cousin did not realize bills needed to be paid every month. He thought they were paid 1 time and that was it. Like the water bill. $123 for life? Duh 

The cost of a trip to Disney World for 3 days 

I had no idea guacamole was made from avocados  

I had no idea they were subways in Chicago and my boyfriend had to put me on a subway going underground for me to believe him I lived in the Chicago area of my entire life 

I had no idea what public education costs. I thought it was like $5000 a month lol

Flo Rida was his name because he was from Florida 

I had NO idea that Canada played against us in sports! I’m 35!! 

I have no idea how twitter works 

I didn’t know how to mail a letter in the suburbs and didn’t know what the red flag on the mailbox was for

I didn’t understand why you needed to rotate your tires. They rotate every time you drive

I didn’t know where Iowa was. I grew up in New York and went to college in Indiana. I met someone from Iowa and asked him, “where is that exactly?” His face went blank and he said “they always said people from New York didn’t know where we were, and I never believed them until now

Vineyard Vines line at Target! No clue what that is… and apparently mob scenes when arrived at Target 

Every car has a small arrow next to the gas tank symbol that points to which side the gas tank is on so you know how to pull into the gas station I had NO IDEA! 

I didn’t know what goodwill was until a week ago 

I never realized Whoopi’s Goldberg has no eyebrows until I accidentally turned on the view last week

WINNER: I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to enter the silent auction when I was 8. Ended up winning a spa package with my bid of $50,000. Luckily they were nice enough to make me not pay when my mom explained what happened

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