I changed my college major 5 different times and I still graduated college in 3.5 years. #humblebrag

It’s just such a pain for me to find a bikini top that fit my huge boobs! #humblebrag

Hate that I have to hunt to find my keys in this cavernous Louis Vuitton purse!!! #humblebrag

My annual raise was too much. It put me in a higher tax bracket. #humblebrag

My desk at work is too small for all the awards I received with the most recent one being employee of the year. #humblebrag

Valentine’s Day is just so stressful for me, so many guys have asked me out I just don’t want to do. #humblebrag

Why does my Mercedes Dealership always have fresh baked cookies when I’m trying to diet. They’re evil. #humblebrag

Today I have to go to the local gym for my workout because my indoor lap pools heater is broken. #humblebragging

My diamond is blinding me. #humblebrag

I’m so broke after attending the Cubs convention and meeting Anthony Rizzo. Autographs are so expensive! #humblebrag

The problem with our Blackhawks season tickets right on the ice is that the players next to us on the Blackhawks bench block our view sometimes. #humblebrag

I have to buy a new car because I can’t stand listening to my golf clubs clink in the back of my SUV. #humblebrag

Ugh my stomach is too small, I can’t eat this queso fundido (in Mexico). #humblebrag

My eyelashes are so long they always touch the inside of my glasses and I get mascara on the lens. #humblebrag

I have FREE club level seats to the Super Bowl and I’m really not looking forward dealing with the traffic and the FRIGID temps in Minneapolis this weekend. #humblebrag

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