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How Rock Bottom Did It Get?

I lost two jobs within a week of each other

So my brother hit rock bottom. He is 32 and moved to Arizona. Told us he was working in sales for CDW then in March we lost contact with him. Long story short we didn’t hear from him for 9 months. Parents had a private investigator involved and it turned out he hated his job and had a drinking issue and moved out to live in the woods. “Living off the land”. Now he lives with his girlfriend who found him in the woods and works his passion for underwater construction in Arizona

I lost my awesome job, got arrested for some total white collar crime stuff( I mean super white collar stuff haha) had a baby, and had to sell my house.. . I’m good now- i have a great house, I bought a brand new pontoon yesterday with my wife and two little girls, and have the best job ever!

Flight was cancelled from polar vortex, went to print out insurance forms and got t boned in 4 car accident. Sent to ER. Went home, my pipe burst in my house and had 3″ of water in house. Moved out next day and into my moms house

Rock bottom: Snuck out of work for a job interview using a company car, bombed the interview and came out and the car was towed. Try explaining that to your boss

I can’t afford makeup, so I go to Sephora to get samples so I can have some makeup

I was in my early 20s, dodging my landlord because my rent was months late, eating a can of chicken a la king with my cat, went to my parents house and mailed my landlord a letter apologizing and saying that my roommate would cover everything

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