How Does Your Co-Worker Drive You Crazy?

When the whole team replies to all on emails simply say thank you. Every day. Almost every email.

Scraping the yogurt bowl after it’s all gone. The sound drives me BONKERS!!!

Only having one bathroom and being on the same deuce dropping schedule.

When the new employee tries to tell you what to do or how to do something.

Everyone drinks LaCroix and I don’t get it. I get so angry every time I hear one of those stupid cans opening. Just drink regular water!

My co worker is trying to quit smoking so she’s chewing on tooth picks and leaves chewed tooth picks all over the building.

Oversharing!! I know more about my manage and her vaginal issues and BDSM partner’s than I ever wanted to!

Slurps his Invisalign.

The fake nails typing on the key board.

I have a colleague who constantly clears his throat every couple of minutes! He sounds like when Will Smith is having his allergic reaction in the movie Hitch!!

Slow walkers who block the hallway so you can’t pass.

She uses my scissors to pop her foot blisters.

Most annoying thing a coworker does…the sugary sweet say she says “hi do you have a minute” and doesnt wait for me to say no.

I am a mechanic at a dealer in Oak Lawn. The transmission guy 2 stalls. down from me “snot rocket” blows his nose on the floor multiple times a day all day.

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