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How did You Quit Your Job?

My technician left a voicemail that she quit while on her lunch break

I quit by leaving my work keys and work phone at the front reception desk

I had the owners “served” … reported them to the Illinois Department of Labor.. next time I saw them was in court.. The court ruled in my favor 

I quit my warehouse job wearing a sombrero and a boom box playing Mexican music because my boss didn’t lime Mexican music 

Boss was awful. I was the 9th person to quit (in a 5 person office) in a year. She started harping on me for a mistake she made, so I threw papers I was holding in her face, yelled, “you are the most ugly, awful person,” and stormed out

I brought my newborn son to the company I work for for over 10 years to show everyone, and I gave my 2 week notice in the same day 

So I install Windows for a living can our general manager kicked me off one week. So I waited till their schedule was super busy at the end of the week on a Friday and I went and took all the windows out of a customer’s house packed up my stuff and walked off the job

Husband and I were top sales and design team, made up 1/2 the sales of the entire company. All week we secretly cleaned out our office, Friday afternoon we went into the owners office and quit. Monday morning we were at our new job. The old company closed their doors for good 2 months later

I worked the front desk for a grocery store and I went and bought lemonade and vodka. And began making myself drinks at the desk Not hiding it from the store manager. When I started slurring over the intercom he finally asked me to stop drinking. So I said if I can’t drink then I quit and walked out

I worked as a beer cart girl on a golf course as a 2nd job for fun. A new manager was hired and was so rude. The day of a huge golf outing I told her sh e better be nice or I would quit and she’d have no one on the course serving drinks. She continued to be rude so I drove around the golf course telling everyone I was quitting because the manger was an idiot. They all thought it was hilarious 

I took a video driving to work on my birthday. My boss was in Vegas, so I wrote I quit in my office on whiteboard. Took pics in front of it. Went to co workers saying it’s my bday and I’m quitting! 

Best way to quit my job is my boss won’t let us eat at our desk and business causal so I would come in shorts flip flops and a huge Philly cheese steak 

WINNER: Quit via the drive through at Wendy’s! Worked my shift and was over it so got in my car to go home and ended up quitting 

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