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How Did He Win You Over

When he told me He wanted to open up a dog rescue 

When we first started dating I told him I had a daughter and he said I would never try to be her father but I would love to be her friend…. he had me sold 

When he chugged a beer in a nice bar after I egged him on 

He never gave up. He got Rejected three times and he kept coming back 

He serenaded: Mama’s Don’t Let your Babies grow up to be cowboys by Willie Nelson – I fell in love

He showed me how to properly pour beer from a tap 

By staying up late to watch the bats with me did it

I was 3 hours away at college and had mentioned to him I had a taste for Oreos. I didn’t have a car there. He drove 3 hours on a week night to bring me Oreos Just to get up at 4:00 a.m. the next day to drive back home for work

He won me over when I gave him an ultimatum as if we were just friends or if we were dating, and he couldn’t say it out loud, so he texted me while I was sitting in front of him “F*ck it. Let’s date.”

He turned his 45 foot sailboat around and sailed through the night, regardless of having guests on the boat… because he heard I went sailing with someone else, got jealous and realized he loved me and wanted to be exclusive

I’m a single mom and was new to dating. The first date went great, however I felt like a phony because I don’t have a lot of spare time to give up, because I work two jobs and have two toddlers. And he told me, “if you’re telling me that being a mom is 90% of who you are, then I want to meet her.” 

He won me over with a chicken playing an electric guitar alarm clock that played a chicken rock song. Just when I thought I wasn’t interested. I realized with that gift that he gets me. We’ve been together ever since. 30 years

Showed up at the Woodfield mall play area as I was there with my little ones with flowers and serenaded me with his guitar to Coldplay

On our first date we went to karaoke and he sang me amish paradise to the tune of gangstas paradise in its entirety and I fell in love

He won me over by introducing me to his friends! It was Halloween and he was so proud to be “showing me off” to them, and his friends were SO fun and kind, it just felt right! Three years later we were married and a girl I met that night was one of my bridesmaids! 

We were only together 6 months and he didn’t even like cats… but he cried when I had to put down my cat

WINNER: I only had been on two dates with this guy. Invited him over to my house, we decided to order in dinner. Was sitting at the table chowing down on a mozzarella stick. I began choking on the cheese. I tried not to make a big deal about it, but eventually he saw I was in distress. He gets up opens my mouth and pulls out a long-ass piece of cheese that I couldn’t seem to cough up. Right after He sat back down and continued eating his meatball sub and acted like nothing happened. I knew right then and there that he was my ride or die

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