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Hardest Part About Dating

You don’t want to have sex with everybody you’re attracted to, but you also want to make sure they’re good in bed before you commit

Going out on a date isn’t hard but finding someone who isn’t an ass hat is hard

The hardest part of dating is all the unsolicited D pics…no pun intended

I’d say the hardest part of dating is having to hold in gas for hours on end

Simple. The thermostat setting

Putting together cute pajamas and a “natural” makeup look to trick the other person that you’re a sleeping beauty

Finding someone to accept my four nipples. I’m a freak show

Being vulnerable again. Being honest, staying honest and taking the risk to just be you

Finding someone who isn’t a total psycho. Dates, bosses, you know

Hard to find someone to date that will embrace or at least understand my obsession of local weather anchors. It’s out of control

It is hard to know the appropriate time to begin farting in front of someone you are dating

Always having your legs and “things” shaved… gotta be prepared lol

Giving up your French fries

Finding someone who’s into Bigfoot erotica just like you

Trusting that their bad habits dont include drug abuse, cheating, or killing

Hardest part of dating is knowing if and when it is okay to say “I may be in the bathroom for a while”

Dating is hard when the other person seems perfect until you have sex and it sucked #dumphim

Learning that my boyfriend will never change his ways of cleaning. You’ll have to clean everything when living together

Trying to decode the “I don’t care” response to questions aboutot what to do or where to eat. Them they say “no” to all suggestions. OBVIOUSLY YOU DO CARE!!!

The hardest part about dating is when you first start out, you don’t know if they are a dog person or a cat person

Winner: The first night with the cpap machine for sleep apena

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